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14th Annual
RMIMA Conference

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Inverness Hotel
and Golf Club
Denver, Colorado

Conference Sponsors
Rocky Mountain Internet
Premier Consulting
Platinum Technology
The LeGrand Group

Keynote Lew McCreary, Editorial Director CIO Communications
The 50 Best Users of the Net
Forging the Trends for the Future of the Information Revolution

  Chris Ryan, Director, Sybase
Customer Centric Applications
Cut Costs, Increase Profits, and Improve Service
  Dan Appleton, CEO Dacom
When Will Internet Technology Provide a Return to Your Business? 
New Choices in Information Exploitation and Web Access: PowerNets
Will the Net Change Everything?
Moderator: Bob Nordeman
Daniel Mahoney, Vice President & Managing Research Executive, Giga
Guy Cook, Colorado SuperNet
Derrin Smith, Ph.D., Chief Technical Economist
  Frank Lancione, Executive Director, Planning Research Corporation (PRC)
David Becomes Goliath:
Electronic Commerce and Knowledge on the Internet
  Jim Johnson, Director, TCI.Net
When Will Telecommuting Take off?
The Coming Insatiable Demand For Bandwidth
  Frank Backus, 3SI
Internet Security
Panel Is Window NT Ready for Prime Time? 
How about Java, is it Ready for Prime Time?

Stu Stern, Sun Microsystems Executive
John Enck, Windows NT Magazine
Pete Kastner, Aberdeen Executive

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