Rocky Mountain
Information Management Association

January Lunch Meeting

Data Availability, The Heartbeat of eBusiness

Devin Rickard, Director of VOS Professional Services for VERITAS Software

VOS is a strategic partnership of VERITAS, Oracle, Sun

How much should you spend on keeping things running come what may?  Technology keeps changing leading to a complexity overload for those of us who have to balance cost and revenue with the cost of  risk control.

If it were just technology, that would be one thing, but we have to factor in people and their changing expectations.  When you have down-time on your e-business site (and you will) what are you going to do about it?

In his role with VERITAS, Mr. Rickard provides vision and direction for creating and managing programs targeted at increasing the availability and operational efficiency of VERITAS' eBusiness clients. He has over 15 years of software industry experience in application development, project management, and consulting practice management. Devin has developed several Best Practices for eBusiness software development, and has written articles on project risk management and team development.

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