Robert Cole
Jones e-education, Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Sales

Mr. Cole is the Vice President of Corporate Sales, overseeing Jones’ e-education sales efforts to corporations worldwide.  Mr. Cole guides the company’s efforts to proactively partner with national and international companies to help them meet their corporate training need and compliance requirements.

Mr. Cole has worked for Jones International, Ltd. Since 1996 when he was appointed as a director of Jones Intercable.  Mr. Cole’s 25 years of professional experience include executive sales and marketing leadership roles in the insurance, banking and finance industries.  He is a certified financial planner, and is a former United States Naval Aviator.

Mr. Cole received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Thiel College, is a Certified Financial Planner, and a former United States Naval Aviator.


David S. Linthicum
Chief Technology Officer

SAGA Software, Inc

David S. Linthicum is the CTO of SAGA Software, Inc. and an internationally known EAI and e-commerce expert. David joined SAGA Software, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer in December 1997 and is responsible for product direction, development and strategy.

Prior to joining SAGA Software, Inc., Linthicum was a senior manager at Ernst & Young’s Center for Technology Enablement, where he was responsible for the strategic technical direction of several key accounts including Banker’s Trust and Mercedes-Benz.  Before moving to Ernst & Young, he was technology manager of AT&T Solutions Systems Integration Practice from December 1995 through June 1997, where he built the business to more than 200 people and $14 million in revenues.  He also has previous experience with EDS and Mobil Oil, where he played key technical leadership roles.

David has authored over 300 articles for PC Magazine, Information Week, BYTE, DBMS Magazine, Database Programming and Design, Object Magazine, Component Strategies, Software Development, Enterprise Developer, and Application Development Trends.  He has monthly columns in 5 publications.   He has authored or co-authored six books including his latest, David Linthicum's Guide to Client/Server and Intranet Development, published in June 1997, and Enterprise Application Integration, out this year. He is a frequent speaker at key technology forums and conferences throughout the United States.


Scott Hendrickson
Field Engineer, Rogue Wave Software

Over the past year, Scott has played the role of technical liaison to Rogue Wave's Contracting and Legal departments, taught a number of public courses on programming in C++ with Rogue Wave's components, and worked with customers in the field.  After receiving his doctorate from the University of Colorado for work in simulation of non-linear dynamical systems, Scott participated in the conception, specification and development of Web-based applications for delivering personalized health content.


Dave Ryan
Vice President of  Sales and Business Development

Ryan is responsible for the global development of RioLabs's direct and indirect sales channels. He brings more than 10 years of experience in domestic and international software sales, marketing and customer partnership management to the company. Most recently, as Director of Latin American Sales at Alydaar Software, Ryan managed a sales division that marketed Y2K software remediation services to large international organizations. Prior to this, at Street Technologies, he managed sales in the Internet online education market for the western U.S, and was instrumental in refocusing the company's product marketing strategy. Previously, Ryan held domestic sales, customer support, and consulting management positions, and was a European Sales Director during a three-year span at Platinum Technology. He began his career at Reltech Group, Inc., where over a five-year period he earned numerous awards for sales and sales management performance. Ryan received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia.


Christopher Ryan
Saligent Software, Inc

Saligent is, a marketing automation supplier located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chris Ryan has 20 years of marketing and technology experience. Prior to co-founding his company, he held senior marketing positions at PeopleSoft, Sybase, Group1 Software, and Systems Center, Inc. Chris was also formerly Advertising Director at Bankers Finance Corporation, a mutual fund holding company and for six years, he served as President of IdeaWorks, a direct marketing advertising agency he co-founded.  Chris Ryan is known as an outstanding communicator. He has presented over 200 programs and seminars on marketing and technology in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe, and has been an instructor and lecturer at the College of Notre Dame, St. Mary's College and Montgomery College. Ryan is the author of numerous articles and two books on marketing, The Master Marketer and Virtual Marketing. His third book, High-Performance Interactive Marketing, will be published this Fall.


Bill Kuehn
Tough Teams

In 1986, Bill Kuehn established Tough Teams to deliver higher levels of training to clients across the country.  He has reached thousands of participants directly and through seminar companies including Career Track and Systemation, a worldwide leader in systems technical training. His work includes facilitating a complete turnaround for two businesses -- a manufacturing company and a food company.  A graduate in business and psychology from Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington, Illinois, Bill is also a certified ISO 9000 auditor. He uses his education and skills to help companies set up self-managed teams and Total Quality Management processes, and make the leap to ISO 9000 certification.  Bill sees corporations and their cultures changing tremendously in America today. They are moving from a near-monopoly environment to a non-regulated, fully competitive one. His trainings guide this transition from autocratic "my way or the highway" approaches toward a concept called Tough Teams and Quick Wins.  "When self-managed teams direct the organization, people have to depend on each other much more. They're given authority along with responsibility. They develop trust and greater levels of confidence. And they learn to get the quick wins that give them giving momentum to achieve not-so-quick results."  Bill draws from 23 years of experience in the Bell System, AT&T and US West as a sales manager and a staff trainer. Specifically, he was Training Manager for Course Development at US WEST, and Corporate Trainer for AT&T. He was the first to develop and teach Affirmative Action training at Bell.  "I assist people to move through exciting, volatile times. When I succeed at facilitating attitude change (for example, about stereotyping women in the workplace) without making anyone wrong, it's like seeing a child grow. "I'm rewarded by helping people create something better for themselves."

Randy Chalfant
Storage Tek

Director Corporate Storage Strategy Randall L. Chalfant, 47, is the Director of Corporate Storage Strategy at StorageTek, Louisville, Colorado the world's leader in providing market-driven solutions for high performance, cost-effective, enterprise-wide storage, and Storage Area Networks.  Chalfant's expertise is represented by 28 years of experience in storage, mainframes, Operating Systems, applications, and networking solutions.  Chalfant is responsible for a variety technical, communication, and strategy goals at StorageTek. Reporting to Gary Francis, Chief Strategist of StorageTek, his responsibilities include the analysis and development of storage technologies and business strategies that drive new and emerging opportunities that support StorageTek's core purpose, "to expand the world's access to information and knowledge. Chalfant also acts as an executive speechwriter, corporate evangelist, and visionary, providing lectures and private executive briefing globally.

A published author, Chalfant's work has appeared in the IBM Internet Journal, Enterprise Internetworking Journal, Enterprise Systems  Journal, and the German Publication 'Computer Partner'. His articles have included such topics as The I/O Architectural Evolution, Why Channel Extend, Parallel Sysplex, Tape Technologies, and Technology Predictions for the next 50 years.  Chalfant has lectured widely at such institutions as SHARE, CMG, Disaster Recovery, DPMA, NASPA, EuroStorage, as well as various user groups and customers globally.

Chalfant was invited by IBM to be a member of an ANSI standards committee for setting the direction of ESCON. He has provided ESCON, EMIF, channel extension, CTC, and storage planning, consulting and education services for many corporations throughout Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific, including IBM, Amdahl, EMC, Bank of America, American Express, EDS, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Edison, United Airlines, American Airlines, Electricity Du France, etc.  Before StorageTek, Chalfant held various marketing and engineering development, and executive management positions at corporations such as Network Systems, Data Switch, Amdahl, and Trilogy Systems.

Chalfant currently resides on a ranch in the northern suburbs of Denver with his wife of 25 years.


Casey Higgins

Casey Higgins is a Senior Industry Consultant with the NCR Corporation. He has 15 years experience in the definition, architecting, developing and deploying Decision Support and Customer Relationship Management solutions.  He has worked with over 10 Telecommunications companies worldwide to develop a strategy for the last 6 years, including U S WEST, GTE, Bell Atlantic, AirTouch and others. For the last three years he has been focused at developing CRM solutions to allow companies to automate the Marketing and Sales process through event-based marketing solutions to improve marketing effectiveness. In addition, he has supported the TPC-D Council in the definition Decision Support benchmarking. Casey attended George Mason University in Virginia, where he graduated with a BS in Computer Science. 

Steven Wille
Vice President, Diners Club International

Steve Wille manages Internet development and other distributed systems at the Denver office of Diners Club.  For the past two decades he has pioneered leading-edge technology for several large corporations including Reliance Insurance, Guaranty National Insurance, and Cahners Publishing.  Just about every system his teams have developed rapidly moved from leading edge, to mainstream, to legacy systems.  In the early 1980s, it was a big thing to integrate personal computers with mainframe systems.  In the mid-1980s, before UNIX was a household word, he added that operating system to the mix.  In the early 1990s, client/server was cool and he was there, only to see that over-shadowed by the Web.  An Internet system developed in 1995 is still in use today after processing over a million subscription requests from around the world.

In Colorado IT circles, Steve is best known for applying chaos theory to software development.  He admits to not knowing what is next, but is excited to be there to greet it.  Steve is the webmaster for RMIMA.  He built www.rmima.org because he could not keep track of the schedule when he was speaker coordinator several years ago.  He figured that if he published it on the Web, he could remember who was scheduled to speak. 

Steve is a Colorado native, a graduate of the University of Denver and he earned an MBA from Regis University.

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