Rocky Mountain
Information Managers Association

Tuesday January 11, 2000 Lunch Meeting

e-engineering - the primordial soup of the new economy 

Tony Hartman, Vice President, D. Appleton Company

In a survey article in The Economist, John Browning wrote: 

Information technology is no longer a business resource; it is the business environment.

The blinding truth of this observation is driven home every day by the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, and what has become known as the e-economy, or the network economy. Most of today’s enterprises are experiencing major anxiety about e-economy. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that most enterprises are becoming desperate to figure out just what the internet means to them and what to do about it. But, most people still think of information technology as a resource. Until they truly believe that it is the primordial soup of the new economy, they just won’t get it. Consider the following:

Tony Hartman is Vice President of D. Appleton Company (Dacom) and leads their Western Business Unit.   Dacom is a management and technology firm focused on e-engineering, business engineering, design of new business models enabled by web technology, and WorkNet implementation.  His teams have implemented more than 400 business engineering programs for both commercial and Government organizations.  Mr Hartman and the Dacom team are not in the business of inventing new business paradigms.  Instead, he helps his clients conceive their own paradigms – which are invariably some mixture of contemporary management thinking and the collective wisdom of their managers.  His teams have designed business engineering and WorkNet solutions for Computer Associates, Microsoft, US Space Command, Planning Research Corporation, Raytheon, Construction Market Data Group, Inacom, State of Alaska, PraxAir, Georgia Pacific, Pepsi, and Cheyenne Mountain Command Centers.

 Mr. Hartman has served on the boards of Ellsworth Federal Credit Union, Institute of Management Consultants, and RMIMA.  He has spoken at a number of national conferences  -- most recently the National Reengineering Conference, the Society of Enterprise Engineering, and the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS).  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration.


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