Rocky Mountain
Information Managers Association

Digital Dashboard /Corporate Portals

Dan Kieny 

Regional Vice-President
InfoImage, Inc.

Corporate Portals allow knowledge workers of your organization to access critical corporate data to more effectively do their jobs. However, "Corporate Portal" is the buzzword du jour; nearly every application concerned with creating or delivering content for Web pages is being positioned as such. Combine this with the fact that every content-based Web site is claiming to be a portal, and you run into a lot of confusion.  Mr. Kieny's presentation will help you understand the concept of Corporate Portals, and what to look for when choosing a strategy for accessing corporate data.

Mr. Kieny has earned a technical M.B.A. and has over 10 years of consulting and management experience for Fortune 500 companies. He and his teams have successfully implemented enterprise web-based solutions using a host of intranet/extranet technologies. Most recently, Mr. Kieny has been working to deploy Digital Dashboard/Corporate Portal technologies - solving the need to get at corporate data through web-based solutions. 

A Road Map to Identify the Portal for Your Company

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