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Preview of Windows XP
Carl Dubler, Microsoft

You have heard about it and you have read about it.  Whether you like it or not, it is coming to a computer near you.  As IT professionals, we better learn about it.  RMIMA went to the source and asked Microsoft to tell us about it:

"With Windows XP, Microsoft is bringing to all businesses and homes the same level of performance, reliability, and security. In addition, a next-generation user interface makes Windows easier to use than ever before. Come take a special pre-launch preview and see how we've made Windows more productive for users, easier to manage for IT, and more fun in work and play."

Speaker : Carl Dubler is a Senior Technology Specialist in Microsoft's Rocky Mountain district, helping customers understand and buy SQL Server and Business Intelligence solutions. Prior to joining Microsoft, Carl ran his own SQL Server and BI training and consulting company and has an IT background going back to 1987. With extensive experience technically and in public speaking and debate, Carl has presented seminars and classes in 3 countries on DBA, developer, public speaking, and professional development topics.

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