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Archetypes - The Software of the Psyche
How People Accomplish Tasks, Evoke Emotional Resonance, and React the Way We Do
Terry Hildebrandt

Archetypes provide the deep structure for human motivation and meaning. Carol S. Pearson describes archetypes as the software of the psyche, which helps people to accomplish certain tasks, evoke emotional resonance in us, and determine how and why people think and react the way they do.  Carl Jung described archetype as patterns of instinctual behavior, motifs, pre-existent forms without content which reside in the collective unconscious.

Terry will introduce 12 common personal and organizational archetypes. Learn how you can call upon your personal archetypes to help you succeed in your own hero's journey. He will also discuss how archetypes can be used by leaders in organizations to assess organizational and team culture. Optionally, to get the most out the seminar, two online surveys are recommended for participants to take before or after the seminar. The PMAI at for $16.00 and/or the OTCI at for $15.00.

Terry Hildebrandt spoke at RMIMA last year and he is back by popular demand.

  • Process Excellence Consultant in the Imaging & Printing Group of Hewlett-Packard Company. 
  • Works across the company facilitating Innovation and Creativity Workshops, Process Design and Improvement, Group Effectiveness, Organizational Design, Team Development, Strategy Development, Strategic Planning, Leadership Coaching, and Diversity

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