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10:30 am registration, 11:00 briefing, 12:00 lunch
Hotel VQ, on I-25 by the stadium

It's What You Don't Say
How Nonverbal Signals Establish and Enable Leadership
Michael Cushman - Founder, Engaging Change

Even if you say nothing, you cannot avoid communicating. You determine how others treat you by the signals you send. If others donít follow your lead, if you find work relationships stressful, then you may need assistance in fixing your nonverbal signals. Learn skills to unconsciously cue others to treat you as you desire and deserve.

Michael Cushman, The Engaging Guru, is an expert in nonverbal leadership and group dynamics, a futurist, and an entrepreneur. He helps others create business breakthroughs using engaging communication skills and business cultures.

Over a 30 year career, Michael, as both executive and consultant, has proven success in leading cultural tune ups, operational excellence, creating award-winning products, and introducing profitable technology and process improvements at over 50 companies, including Verizon, BT, Holiday Hospitality, American Red Cross, Waste Management, Revlon, and Chevron.

His approach towards engaging and managing group dynamics and nonverbal leadership is changing how others view branding, relationship development, and leadership. He is President of the Denver Coaching Federation and a Sr. Fellow and Board Member of The DaVinci Institute.

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