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January 11, 2005
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Organizational Change Management

Randy Somermeyer

Eighty to ninety percent of all projects fail to meet their objectives.  Ninety percent of those are due to neglecting the human element.   These are staggering numbers!  Why are so many ERP, or other system related projects doomed to fail after implementation?  Why do many internal projects never produce any sustainable results other than the distribution of the project shirts or coffee cups?  How do you identify areas of project resistance and risk associated to the sponsors and staff?   

Randy Somermeyer, President and Managing Principal of BLCN Management Consulting, has over 20 years of consulting and operations experience in domestic and international business.  His core skills include business process analysis and improvement, organizational change management, project management and developing common and global processes.  He has worked with a variety of clients in a majority of the industry segments.  He has the experience in bringing his clients from strategy through process design and organizational readiness to achieve successful implementations.

BLCN Management Consulting assists companies in executing strategic roadmaps and delivering successful business initiatives and process improvement.  BLCN uses traditional, proven process improvement methods to deliver Lean enterprise processes.  Besides reducing cycle time, increasing efficiency and enhancing Customer touch point value; the BLCN approach is effective in developing common processes across multiple locations and preparing the organization for the implementation.  The BLCN team performs various Organizational Change Management activities to align and prepare the organization, by mitigating the human risks, to increase the success of the effort.  These activities can be performed as a stand alone, or integrated with the other BLCN or internal process efforts.  In conjunction to consulting, BLCN delivers a two-day business process improvement training course to prepare the organization with process improvement fundamentals as well as Organizational Change Management Fundamentals for project managers and team leads. 

Randy Somermeyer


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