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May 10, 2005
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When C.R.A.P Happens

Dick Cochran

Have you ever had a big project where C.R.A.P. did not happen?  The trick is to know the process and work through it faster.  This presentation will offer practical tools that you can apply immediately next time you are in a tough situation.

Stuff happens at work that just seems to send some people off the deep end.  Others seem to complain and moan and groan constantly.  They cost our organizations time, money and morale. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get people to solve problems quickly and eliminate the time wasting victim behaviors?  In this session, you will learn and practice how to use the magic ableness question to move people toward problem solving and significantly reduce that costly victim behavior

With Dick’s engaging Cow Pasture of Life metaphor you will explore the problem solving process to deal with C.R.A.P. You’ll discover what your empowering options are so that you can be more effective at work, in social situations and at home.

You will:

·        Learn the problem solving process to use when C.R.A.P. Happens.

·        Discover the three options you have when people bring you problems.

·        Practice the Magic Question that moves people to problem solving.

·        Learn how to identify Victim Behavior and what to do break it.

·        Find out what to do to prevent dissent from spreading in your organization.

Dick combines his business experience with his knowledge of people skills and measurement techniques to help organizations increase their growth and profitability. He focuses on collaboration skills to make people and managers more effective. His approach to talent management is unique because he provides the performance measurement, the skill building, and the personal motivation to help people change their behaviors to generate improved business results.

Dick Cochran owns COMStar, a training company focusing on technical project teams.  He has spoken at a recent PMI Symposium about feedback for project managers. Dick is also a regular facilitator for Systemation and Tough Teams, organizations that offer project management, supervision, and teamwork training.  In a prior life he was an electrical engineer.  He holds a BSEE degree from the University of Illinois plus an MBA from the University of Colorado. Dick taught Industrial Marketing at the University of Colorado, School of Business on the Colorado Springs Campus.  He is a past director of the Colorado chapter of the National Speakers Association.   For more information on Dick, visit

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