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The IT Job Market - Job Seekers and Hiring Managers

Scott Birkhead
President, Most Placeable Candidate

If you are a hiring manager, you want to select from the best possible candidates for the job, and in today's market you have plenty to pick from.  Learn to read between the lines on the resume and ask the right questions to quickly see if there is a match.  Then keep in mind that it could be you sitting on the other side of the table.  Even if there is not a fit for this job, offer suggestions and encouragement.  That is what you would want if the tables were turned.

If you are a job seeker, or if you think you might become one, marketing and selling yourself today requires a different mindset and tactics designed to overcome a low-water, high-competition environment.

What you can do to look and be unique
- get chosen for more interviews because of who you are, not your skill set.

What to focus on in your marketing
- earn more and easier interviews.

How to alter the medium you're using for written marketing
- make it irresistible to the person making the decisions.

What to do about the gatekeepers and non-communicators
- they stand between you and the people who you need to speak to.

How to sell yourself in person in a way that's easy for you,
- and 100% credible and trustworthy to the person you're selling to.

Scott Birkhead has spent the last 15 years in a variety of roles as recruiter, trainer, HR consultant and coach.  Today he runs a thriving coaching practice centered on teaching professional job seekers how to incorporate direct-response marketing skills into their professional toolset so they have the power and tools to drive the next step in their career.

As a recruiter, he has spent the most time in the technology world with companies like Sybase, Keane, Inc and Knowledgeworkers, Inc. His recruiting experience covers multiple industries (software, telecom, mining, lumber, banking/credit union) and business functions (technology, sales, marketing/ communications, lending, operations, manufacturing, engineering and others) at all levels  from hourly, to CXO.

He has built recruiting platforms from the ground up, designed and launched an industry vertical job board, completed applicant tracking system evaluation, selection and implementation projects. Heís managed recruiters in a number of leadership roles.

He is an accomplished speaker and trainer. He has been certified by two national training vendors, and developed more than two dozen training programs of his own for employees, new first-line managers, volunteer boards, executives and job seekers. His experience includes stand-up training, small-group facilitation and strategic planning facilitation.

In addition to recruiting and training, Scott has a variety of HR skills in compensation and performance management system development, management coaching, internal investigations, EEO/OFCCP compliance and policy/procedure development. Heís developed a variety of benchmarking and survey tools, including tools that measured human capital and leadership effectiveness, internal customer service, external customer service, cross-selling skills, and employee satisfaction.

Scott has a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Affairs from the US Air Force Academy, and has studied Human Resources Management at the Masterís Degree level at Chapman University.

Scott lives in Arvada, Colorado and can be reached by email at, or cell phone at (303) 887-3679. You can find out more at his website,

Cut through the mass of competitors and land the job you want...using tools specifically engineered for today's tough economy.

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