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Technology Leadership Conference

Regis University
Tech Center Campus

6380 Fiddlers Green Circle
Suite 200
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 April 24, 2014
8:30 am Registration
8:45 am Program
12 noon adjourn


$59 Earlybird
$79 Regular

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Sponsors and Speakers:

Tie Rockies

Rapid Technologies

Denver Business Journal

Innovation Pavilion

Axcelerate Worldwide

Colorado Technology

Colorful Leadership

Technology Leadership Conference
RMIMA with Regis University School of Management Executive Series

April 24, 2014, 8:30 am - 12:00 Noon
Regis University, Tech Center Campus 6380 Fiddlers Green Circle

Register for the April 24, Conference
$79 Regular Price
$15 Students

Customer Connections in the New Economy

Back in the nineteen hundreds we enjoyed direct connections with our customers.  If we could not meet them face-to-face, we could chat on the phone or use email to establish a personal connection.  That all changed a decade ago with the mass adoption of the World Wide Web, and it was a good change.  We could offer more services for less money, but the customer connection changed.  How do we build relationships, promote our products and services, and prepare for an uncertain and rapidly changing future?

This conference will be unusual in that it focuses on several levels of technology leadership. It dives deep into leading edge technology because all information technology leaders must stay current or die on vine to be replaced by the next generation of technologists.  It focuses on customers because they define the return on investment.  Without customers we are out of business.  Finally, it focuses on an integrated approach to the problem with a facilitated discussion to be lead by technology leadership veterans.

Featured Speakers

Robert Smith

Robert Smith is the founder and President of Axcelerate Worldwide. For over 20 years, he has specialized in assisting businesses to realize dramatic increases in sales and profits through the design and implementation of unique nontraditional, and complex, entrepreneurial business growth strategies.

Smith has achieved extraordinary success in more than 165 major industries throughout the world and has in-depth experience in developing successful international, national, and regional business growth programs. His Genimation® based business growth programs are legendary.

His most recent success as joint venture owner and President of The Aurium Group Inc. achieved over $12,000,000 in new revenues in just 1.5 years in the NYC marketplace.

He is a recipient of many national awards such as being voted as the best marketing executive in the country by The American Business Association. He is registered in Who's Who and is a member of Direct Marketing Association, Peak Venture Club, American Marketing Association, Venture Capital Club of the Rockies and a past Board Emeritus member of The Boy Scouts of America.

The Business Value of Web APIs
Tom Marrs

Tom Marrs has been immersed in Web APIs (Application Programming Interface) and other business-enabling web technologies over the past decade. His current focus is on helping business leaders understand the financial impact of APIs, addressing questions such as:

* How do companies make money with Web APIs?
* Why should companies invest in API initiatives?
* How do customers benefit?

He kept seeing terms such as “The Business of APIs” and “The API Economy”, and was intrigued. Determined to find the business value of APIs, he discovered an economy, an ecosystem, and an architecture. He began by looking at web sites such as Macy's, LinkedIn, and Groupon. He followed their partner and developer pages. He then found one of the key business cases for APIs - Affiliate Marketing Programs - and saw how the enabling technologies drive business profits by promoting products and services. He then began to use some of these APIs to unlock and use their data.

A few years ago, a major auto manufacturer wanted to provide access to thousands of auto parts, with speed and simplicity. Older data interchange formats such as XML were too cumbersome. Tom began using REST and JSON to create an API, and never looked back.

Web APIs are rapidly gaining importance as part of corporate online strategy, and the technical landscape is growing and changing constantly. Tom will share ideas on how to profit from APIs and how to create and leverage them in your enterprise. This talk is for managers, project managers, and developers.

Tom is currently authoring JSON at Work for O’Reilly, and wrote the Core JSON Refcard for DZone (this was the #1 downloaded Refcard in 2013). He is also a speaker at the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) and Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) conferences. As a Technical Architect at Perficient, an enterprise technology consulting company, he helps businesses leverage the enabling technologies that fuel the growing API Economy.

It's the User Experience!
Steve Wille and Larry Nelson

Larry Nelson has said, "If I like my site too much, I know I am missing something important."  Not everyone sees things exactly the same way.  We all have our own filters that color what we see.  To see what others see we must change our filters.  You might be surprised by what you see when take a different view of the same thing.

Larry Nelson and Steve Wille will lead a discussion on the technology it will take to connect with customers and build a profitable enterprise in the new economy.

In the late 1900s, Larry Nelson, on his talk radio program said, "I am tired of people calling to talk about the Internet.  It is just a passing fad."  His wife, Pat, suggested he stop being a dinosaur.  Together they founded internet talk radio in 1999.  While numerous companies have come and gone during the next decade because they could not figure out how to make money on the Internet, w3w3 has not only survived, it has thrived.  Today, it has over 17,000 pages of content on the web.  Numerous Colorado technology leaders have shared their thoughts on Colorado's Voice of the Business &Technology Community.

Steve Wille, author of Colorful Leadership, is a manager of software engineering at a large financial company with U.S. operations based in Colorado. He has over 25 years experience in corporate information technology management. He is a co-author of a magazine article, Constructive Conflict, that has been published internationally, including in Global Source, a business magazine in China. Steve is a PMP (Project Management Professional) and has developed multiple large information technology systems from the ground up. Steve's MBA degree is from Regis University in Denver, and his BSBA degree is from the University of Denver.

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